kitchen cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets

  Instead of replacing your kitchen cabinets, why not refinish them? We can bring back their natural wood color or


  Stone floors like travertine and marble can be brought back to their natural colors. All types of mosaic stone

Bathroom Vanities

  When remodeling your bathroom, the bathroom vanities and wall cabinets can look new again. Like to change the color?


  Many times your floor and wall tile does not need to be replaced. Allow us the opportunity...

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doors 2 phoenix refinishing systems


  Replacing the doors in your home or office can be expensive! When considering all of the trim,...

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kitchen cabinets


We can refinish all of cabinets in your home or commercial property. Kitchen Cabinets, laundry and Bathroom Vanities...

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  Wood floors can be completely refurbished with no sanding! We are experts with all types of wood...

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Floor Refinishing

Our floor refinishing projects include Stone, Ceramic Tile, concrete, and wood floor restoration.

wood floor before


wood floor after


sanding wood floors after