Replacing the doors in your home or office can be so expensive! By the time you remove and replace all the framework and trim, the job may be well beyond your budget. Many homeowners have interior doors made of wood skin or solid wood that over time, just like their floors, can become worn, faded or dirty to the point where it just isn’t coming clean anymore.

In these cases, we can apply the same process to these doors as we do the floors to return them to their original beauty or give them a facelift with a color shift to match either the floor tones or other elements within the home that may have changed over the years.

While the process of refinishing doors may be the same as for floors, we can also add the same design elements to doors that we would apply to kitchen cabinets. That is, we can add glazing to create antiquing or distressing effects or we can refinish them in solid colors similar to the trend we’re seeing with kitchen cabinets. There are so many ways to freshen