Many times your floor and wall tile does not need to be replaced. Allow us the opportunity to provide a free consultation. We can make your tile and grout look new again!

Ripping out and replacing tile is a messy and expensive job. Let Phoenix Refinishing Systems show you how we can refresh and restore your tile floors and keep them looking like brand new.

Although many contractors today are using vacuum-assisted equipment to remove tile and mortar from sub floors, as a contractor of 30+ years we can assure you that a fine dust will find its way to every nook and cranny of your home. This new equipment is fantastic mind you, but rest assured, there’s no such thing as completely dustless. We would caution you this same way if we were removing your tile ourselves.

In addition to the mess, depending on the area of tile to be removed, you may be required to leave your home for several days which would add to the overall cost of the project.

In a great number of cases, people assume that a few cracked tiles and some missing grout means it’s time to replace the floor and this just isn’t the case. In situations where the home owners have spare tiles left behind by the builder or the previous installer, the cracked tiles can be replaced along with the missing grout and our grout color sealing process can make it all look like the day the floor was laid.

Do you have one of those tile shower enclosures where the grout has turned black and no amount of bleach will get it clean again? Our color grout seal process will cure that forever! We can refinish the grout and restore it to its original color or some new color and our color grout shield will resist the growth of any future mold and bacteria. And if the tub needs reglazing, we can do that too!

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