Wood floors can be completely refurbished with no sanding! We are experts with all types of wood and wood floors. Even prefinished and engineered floors can be refinished and sealed.

We are experts in refinishing over 22 species of wood floors including engineered, parquet and even laminate!  Our proprietary methods also work on furniture, Church pews, benches and handrails!

Wood floors are timeless – there isn’t much else you can put into your home that you can say that about; that’s why they are such a great investment.  You can say what you want about marble, granite, quartz and stainless steel but the truth is, we just don’t know what the next decade is going to bring in terms of new home design trends.  But one thing is sure; wood floors have proven to be timeless in their appeal and will always be the mark of richness and elegance.

Wood floors can be completely refurbished without the mess and hassle of sanding.  We are experts in refinishing over 22 species of wood floors including engineered, parquet and even laminate.

If you have wood floors that have “seen better days”, there are basically, four options available to you:

  • Rip and Replace – remove the existing floors, which may be glued down to concrete or even a wood subfloor. This is a very laborious and messy job.   Often times, this process, depending on the area and the amount of wood to be removed can involve the need for the family to relocate from the house during the process, which, of course, adds significantly to the cost of the project.  The main benefit to incurring this expense and inconvenience is the freedom to choose whatever wood or floor type you wish to replace it with.
  • Full Sand – this involves sanding the existing finish off the wood, right down to bare wood. This means removing some of the original wood in order to get below the existing stain penetration depth which, depending on the porosity of the wood, can vary substantially.  Softer, drier woods will have soaked the original stain deeply and may only be able to be sanded once.  Other types of wood, such as Red Oak, may be able to handle as many as 3 or 4 sandings depending on the thickness of the wood.  Newer engineered floors and prefinished floors with beveled edges are rarely candidates for full sanding for various reasons.  While not quite as invasive, a full sand may still require the family to relocate during the process and can be very messy despite the latest generation of “dustless” equipment.  The main benefit to incurring this expense and inconvenience is the freedom to choose whatever stain color you wish to replace it with (particularly if you want to go lighter in color) as well as the ability to sand out some but not all deeper scratches and divots (some damage is too deep to sand out).
  • Screen and Re-coat – this involves running a buffer machine over the floor with a sanding grit screen to remove some of the existing finish and then re-apply a new coat of urethane over top. This method is a quick freshening of the floor’s finish but limits the refinisher to applying an oil-based finish back on, if the previous finish was of this type.  Most, if not all, waterborne finishes will not adhere properly to an oil-based finish without first applying a conversion layer that allows you to migrate to a waterborne finish.  Oil based urethanes are not as durable, have a yellow tinge and will continue to yellow over time.  They take days to dry and even longer to cure whereas a high-quality waterborne finish will be ready for light traffic within hours of completion.  Oil based finish is significantly less expensive than the newer, highly developed waterborne finishes.

Phoenix Refinishing Systems- uses a proprietary, solution-based process that is more effective than a Screen and Re-coat but cannot remove deep scratches and gouges.  We can, however, greatly diminish the appearance of deep scratches by use of our proprietary color blending techniques.  This is how we achieve results in situations where the floor has “picture-framing” which is the light or dark areas left under area rugs or furniture that hasn’t moved in long periods of time.  Unlike the Screen and Re-coat process, our process applies four to five coats of finish to the floor resulting in a far more durable finish than a single coat of oil-based urethane. The process we use is the only one that can work on parquet floors, engineered floors as well as laminate floors. Phoenix Refinishing Systems is guaranteed not to peel, crack, chip or yellow for a period of five years – the best in the business. In terms of alternatives to Rip and Replace or Full Sand options, our  process strikes the best balance between overall cost, inconvenience to the customer, total job time, and finished results.