Is sanding wood floors the only option? People ask me all the time about Sandless Wood Refinishing. See Mr Sandless Phoenix.

First, a few things about sanding wood floors and the equipment needed to restore the finish. Do not do this yourself! The equipment can be rented. There is a lot information on how to do this yourself, the grit of sandpaper to use, the preparation, and what to expect.

These floor sanding machines are powerful. Incorrectly used in inexperienced hands, and your floor can be ruined in a few moments.

Professional Wood Floor Sanding

Understand the process of sanding wood floors to refinish them. Will there be dust? Noise? How long will it take and how much is this all going to cost? Even more important, CAN or SHOULD your floors be sanded with these powerful machines? Keep in mind, once wood floors are sanded, a significant layer of wood is removed, thereby weakening the groove where they are joined.

If your wood flooring has beveled edges, or is a pre-finished product, they may not be able to be sanded. It is possible that the bevel will be eliminated.

Flooring that is distressed, or textured usually cannot or should not be sanded.

Sandless Refinishing

Explore the sandless option!

  • No Dust, Easy Clean Up
  • Save Money
  • Save Time; Usually Completed in 1 Day
  • Non-Toxic; Safe For Kids and Pets
  • Safe For All Types of Floors, Cabinets and More

See the before and after photos of wood stairs below. These oak floors on Misty Willow Lane in Glendale, Arizona were refinished with No Sanding!